Written by Amanda Zanette

The exciting classroom management tool which incorporates financial literacy, social responsibility, and social emotional learning.


“The City Game has all the ‘teeth’ of the old BC curriculum and all the ‘big ideas’ of the new. Your students will learn concepts that most don’t have the chance to experience until high school and beyond. Your students will also learn how to create a resume, understand finances, and how to collaborate with others. These are the essential skills they will need in order to succeed in today’s world.”

- Linda McDaniel, Editor and Elementary Teacher

“My principal asked me yesterday how The City Game was coming along. She wondered if I had told other colleagues about what we were doing and said she wished all of the intermediate classes would try it!”

– Anonymous, Elementary Teacher

“We just had parent/teacher interviews and at least ¾ of the parents mentioned The City Game and said how much their kid was enjoying it and even how it had changed their attitudes for the positive about school! I really can’t thank you enough.”

- Tami Leblanc, Elementary Teacher

“The game is integrated within the day without taking away from other subjects.”

- Mandy Yip, Elementary Teacher

“The game catches the kids who are falling through the cracks because there is always something that empowers them.”

“Kids used to avoid the weaker students but now they welcome them in.”

- S. Isomura, Educational Assistant

“What is brilliant about The City Game is that it makes students responsible to each other, and it frees up the teacher's time to spend supporting students who need help or assistance.”

- Erica McArthur, High School Teacher

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